OC Tech Happy Hour Event

What Makes OC Tech Happy Hour Event Unique?

OC Tech Happy Hour is the FASTEST GROWING tech meetup in Orange County. We are so proud to be a sponsor of the OCTHH to help our startup companies in pursuing their big ideas into reality.


Imagine if there was a place, where at one table an entrepreneur meets her next $100,000 investor. A designer meets a new client, a web developer with a great internet startup. A Ruby on Rails or NODE.JS  engineer meets a charismatic founder that excites him with his vision, so much so that he can picture leaving his day job for the exhilarating experience of working tirelessly for technology stock options that could be worth millions one day…


Join the OCTHH for information on the upcoming events. We look forward to meeting you and answer all your questions on Cyber Security and how to best protect your client data.

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