CISOSHARE is innovating and accelerating in the security architecture space.

CISOSHARE is driven to improve our world as the leading provider of cyber security services for rapidly growing organizations. Located in Southern California and recently ranked in 2018 as the 6th fastest-growing private organization in Orange County, our team establishes a culture of continuous learning and teaching in ourselves, our clients, and our community. Our employees are veterans, students, and leading experts in the cyber security discipline. Our clients require the best in cyber security advice and service, and we work with passion every day to deliver it.

Our primary service pillars offer best practice program assessments, technical vulnerability and penetration testing services, incident response and remediation retainers, as well as large-scale professional services in the area of security program and security architecture development. We also offer managed services such as security program process or role performance for our clients. This can range from virtual CISO (vCISO) services on the role side to the ongoing performance of third-party security assessments on the process side. Finally, our security program development application integrates into our managed service offering and offers advice and services.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Mission

CISOSHARE improves the security community and our world as the leading provider in cyber security services. The business is systemic and profitable through the innovative use of our craft security knowledge, technology automation, and a world-class team.

Our Promise

We will deliver our services with honesty, integrity, and respect. Honesty for us comes from clarity and constant communication of what we're doing within our teams and clients. Integrity is integrated into everything we do.

Our Approach

We focus on designing a repeatable process for clients, both in our own service delivery and partnered security programs. We strive to improve performance through innovation, process automation, and team development in a learning and teaching environment.

Our Essence

Everything we do will be delivered in a learning and teaching model using security techniques that we know work, not legacy security dogma that was created 20 years ago. We're always innovating and seeking security solutions and techniques that work.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mike Gentile

CEO and President
Mike Gentile has been on the forefront of security program development for more than 20 years. These experiences inspired him to create CISOSHARE where he serves as the Founder, President and CEO. Initially an experiment, now one of the fastest growing companies in Orange County, CISOSHARE strives to create an environment based completely on learning and teaching in everything it does. Mike has also designed CISOSHARE's security program development application that provides a suite of program measurement and do-it-yourself tools for improving any security program. Previously, Mike built, grew and sold a leading GRC company and is a co-author of both The CISO Handbook and CISO Soft Skills.

Tiffany L. Gentile, CPA

Tiffany is the CFO at CISOSHARE, where she is in charge of all financial systems and programs. An executive level professional with over 15 years of experience in the accounting industry, she is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Prior to CISOSHARE, she served as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Delphiis, a security technology start-up which was acquired by a publicly traded technology company in 2014. While at Delphiis, Tiffany supported all aspects of financial and accounting management at the business, as well as playing a key role during its acquisition. Before that, she served as a Senior Accountant with Anthony & Associates in Brea, California.

Adam Couch

Vice President of Professional Services
Adam is a leader in cyber security program development with over 15 years of experience demonstrating proven results in building programs, teams, and managing security incidents. He has comprehensive knowledge of building risk management, incident management, and training and awareness programs for startups, healthcare, and government clients.

Jason Faulk

Vice President, Client Success, Operations
Jason is an accomplished sales executive with proven ability to drive business growth through sales initiatives that deliver market penetration, revenue growth, and profitability. He has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and project management as it relates to cyber security.

Ryan Vallone

Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Ryan has been leading sales and marketing efforts in organizations for over 20 years. He continues to find innovative ways to attract, acquire and retain customers. Ryan has worked with companies like Nike, Google, Johnson&Johnson, Justin Vineyards, and has a diverse industry background in retail, financial, insurance, manufacturing, and technology.

Tim Brooks

Chief Technology Officer
Tim is a cybersecurity leader with over 15 years of experience in cyber security, IT, and development. He has expertise in designing and implementing security programs and architecture in multiple industries. Prior to joining CISOSHARE, Tim served as Director of Security Product Management and Information Security Officer at Resolve Systems where he led the design and development of the company's Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response product. Prior to Resolve Systems, Tim was the Information Security Officer at CHOC Children's Hospital. He has also held security and leadership roles at KPMG LLP, Pacific Sunwear, and UC Irvine.

Miad Moussawi

Manager, Marketing
Miad has over 10 years of experience as an event director and marketing manager. She has a wide range of experience with sales, traditional marketing, as well as digital marketing. Miad has led and executed B2B campaigns to generate high-quality leads and establish an active and engaging online presence for the company while overseeing application marketing.

Savannah Daugherty

Manager, Application Development
Savannah uses her experience in information security to manage complex technology projects from start to finish. From the beginning, she has overseen the planning, implementation, and tracking of development progress for features within CISOSHARE's Security Program Application. She develops project plans that translate into business requirements that integrate with the development lifecycle to meet company goals.

Patty Murphey

Manager, Human Resources
Patty has over 7 years of experience in Human Resources as a Regional Recruiter and HR consultant across multiple states and districts. Experienced in leading and directing HR teams across multiple industries, Patty leads all recruitment and hiring efforts at CISOSHARE, as well as overseeing employee relations, training, performance management, and employment law compliance.