Benefits for Veterans In Cyber Security

What are some benefits for Veterans in Cyber Security?

After two combat deployments to Iraq with the Marines, I knew I wanted to leave the military when my contract was done. Like so many other veterans transitioning out of the service, I wasn’t exactly sure where I belonged in the civilian sector. I had a plan, finish my education, get my career going and start a family, but after finishing my education I still wasn’t sure about which industry would be a good fit for me. I worked in a few fields and wasn’t finding anything to help me feel the same sense of purpose I had while in the service.

I knew I wanted to be in a forward-facing industry that was going to have plenty of potential for career growth over the next 30 years. I also recognized the significance of technology and the impact it will have on us, our lifestyles, and our privacy.

In my quest for a career that can make a difference in the world, I found Cyber Security. After a little research, I realized the industry shares many parallels with the military. Cyberspace is the new battlefield, so I decided to support this new mission. The government recognizes the significance of Cyber Security and realizes the wealth of well-suited characteristics veterans typically possess. It even provides 900 hours of free Cyber Security training on-line through FedVTE and provides hiring incentives for companies who hire veterans.

The Post 9/11 G.I. Bill is a fantastic resource for veterans looking to get into Cyber Security – many formal educational institutions now have degree programs in the field. Cyber Security is an especially good fit for disabled veterans – they can still work, make a difference, use their military experience, earn good money, and work remotely. Veterans with security clearances will have a hiring advantage as well. The benefits for veterans working in Cyber Security are abundant and meaningful – I recommend every veteran leaving the service to explore the Cyber Security industry.

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Xander Hamman

Cyber Security Consultant
Xander is a leader in information security program development and project management, specializing in data privacy protection. Demonstrating proven results by building programs, teams, and managing security projects, Xander has comprehensive knowledge about security program governance and best practice framework alignment.