What Is Security?

Defining Security Is Essential To Improving It In Any Organization

Security is defined in many ways within an organization; from locks on the doors, to computer passwords, to anti-virus software. Your definition of security is going to be different than mine. It is also going to be different than all of the stakeholders and employees in your organization.

How will your organizations act in 2017, as you establish and work to implement the objectives to improve security in your organization. In 2017 ensure that you measure, understand, and work to influence the definition of security in the minds of people that can short circuit your security improvement efforts.

Quick Tip On How To Measure Security. 

A great way to begin to measure this is to simply ask each member of the senior leadership team; in one sentence…

What is your definition of security?

Once you understand this, you can establish a communication bridge to shape their perspective from where it is to where it needs to be. Additionally, to help decision makers to better understand how to move forward with their security initiatives we wrote a detailed article on the Top Ten Security Program Misconceptions. 

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Mike Gentile

CISOSHARE’s President and CEO
Mike Gentile has been helping organizations build Information Security Programs for more than 20 years. He has written multiple recognized books on the subject, provided hundreds of presentations, and built many Security Programs in both internal and external consulting roles