Securing Data for Market Research Organizations

Written by CISOSHARE

April 17, 2016

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What Information Security Means For Market Researchers

Why building a solid and healthy Security Program is important for the Market Research industry?

Over the past couple of years there has been a dramatic increase in security-related attacks on all businesses. At the core of these attacks is a desire by the attackers to acquire valuable data that can be used for illicit monetary gain.

Few industries manage as valuable data as the Market Research discipline. As a result, this industry has been and will continue to be directly impacted by Information Security considerations in a number of ways.

How to Secure your Data and What it Means

As a Market Research service provider, this has meant that before doing business with a Market Research consumer or client, there will often be a lot more hurdles during the contract phase.

That is to ensure that your organization is going to adequately protect any information that it is provided. In line with the administrative impacts and slowing the sales process, this also means that additional funding needs to be allocated. This is to ensure that an effective Information Security Program is implemented to meet these requirements.

What to Take Away 

In today’s security landscape, implementing an effective Information Security Program that works well for the business means far more investment in high demand security talent, techniques, and technology than simply trying to hire a security resource to assist…

Many Market Research service providers are not properly allocating appropriate operational security budgets to meet what they truly need to be secure. This is putting significant business pressures on these organizations as they compete with competitors that are acting more strategically in these areas and gaining competitive advantage as a result.

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