Benefits for Veterans in Cyber Security and Transferrable Skills

Many veterans leaving the service try to find a way to make their military experience transferable to the civilian sector – something that isn’t always easy. However, one terrific industry to line your skills up with is cyber security. Cyber Security takes its shape from security operations and most security operations in the world stem from the military, one way or another.

Many individuals transitioning out of the military have considerable experience in security or have at least received plenty of training in the area. The skills in cyber security are easily transferable and are a perfect foundation for new security careers for veterans.

Many skills acquired in the military are extremely transferable to the civilian sector.

For example, project management, risk management and general organizational and communications skills are usually all enhanced by military experience. Knowing what to protect, how to do it, and the possible ramifications of letting your guard down are all aspects of security operations that veterans should be intimately familiar with. Time management and the ability to work well in teams are vital skills at the veteran’s disposal. Not every industry is as good of a fit for veterans, but cyber security is a fantastic field to transfer military skills and experience into.

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