First, we know that with every company we help secure, we are building a safer and better world for us all.

Next, we want to improve the information security and professional skills in the people we hire. 

Many of the members of our team begin with us with limited domain knowledge in information security, but we want them to leave us as information security teaching machines.

Finally, we give back one percent of our time, profit, and effort to the communities we live in. 


CISO stands for chief information security officer, which is the key role charged with supporting the business and senior management with making informed decisions about Information Security for any organization.

CISOSHARE sets out to fix this problem by offering solutions that provide organizations the ability to implement and maintain the comprehensive information security programs required to protect company data in a simple, cost-effective manner.

At CISOSHARE, we provide organizations with dedicated Information Security leaders who integrate into the organization's team to build a healthy and secure environment. CISOSHARE will be available both on‐site and remotely per an organization's need. 

If you are a go-getter, you are eager to learn and want to develop your career, tell us about yourself and send us your resume.

Job Openings: