Take a Progress-Based Approach to Security

CISOSHARE’s progress-based approach to security program development strikes the balance between resources, compliance, and security. Our team focuses on improving your organization’s ability to make well-informed security decisions, as well as implementing these decisions in an optimal timeframe to meet your unique business needs.

Our Approach to Security

CISOSHARE is dedicated to improving the information security landscape one security program at a time. Our goal is to solve the cyber security knowledge and resource gap by educating companies and individuals about what it takes to build an effective security program.

CISOSHARE is innovating and accelerating in the security architecture space.

Security Program Development Timeline

Build Foundational Components

  • Understand organizational goals
  • Establish program framework and governance
  • Build appropriate programs and documentation

Build Technical Components

  • Configure technical components
  • Enterprise security architecture
  • Network segmentation options

Operationalize and Manage Your Program

  • Utilize in-house security resource
  • Outsource program management with us
  • Outsource specific roles and processes

Four Components of a Security Program

We utilize a progress-based approach to customize your security program.

Start by establishing a benchmark of your current state. This will be used as the basis for future measurement activities to measure progress and changes.

Regular measurement of your security program across all business units will help you visualize what progress your team makes with your security program.

The data from your assessments should be communicated to key stakeholders in your company to make informed decisions about your security program and additional changes to make.

Your security program should then be able to execute on these decisions in a timely manner to continue making progress.