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Empowering Individuals and Organizations

Learn more about the success of our CyberForward interns with one of our first supporters and hiring partners, Pacific Life.

CyberForward and Pacific Life

I'm a Student

We look for candidates with specific aptitudes rather than specific experience or backgrounds. You don’t need technical skills to start your career in cyber security. If you’re a quick learner, work well in teams, and think logically, you have what it takes.

I'm Looking to Hire

As companies are facing a cyber security resource shortage, experienced and qualified talent is harder to come by. Take the burden of finding the right resources off your team — we find the right resources based on your organization's goals and needs.

Solving the Resource Shortage and Bridging the Skills Gap

There's a stark shortage of resources in the cyber security industry, as well as many capable individuals that are having difficulties transitioning into the discipline. CyberForward is designed to tackle both of these issues, acting as a vehicle to remove common roadblocks to employment while connecting businesses to this large pool of untapped talent.

of polled organizations are suffering through a shortage of cyber security staff. — ISC2 Workforce Study

of companies have what they consider the right amount of cyber security staff. — ISC2 Workforce Study

of experts state lack of skilled cyber security personnel as a top concern. — Center for Strategic International Studies


open and unfilled cyber security positions around the world according to (ISC)².

How Does CyberForward Work?

We source candidates through our partners at United Way, Women Helping Women, and other groups and organizations. We focus on finding individuals with aptitudes for success in cyber security, not specific experiences or technical backgrounds.

Participants take part in a four-week foundational training taught by a member of CISOSHARE's team to help candidates get background information on the cyber security industry and skills they need to be successful.

Selected participants complete an internship with CISOSHARE’s security team and receive hands-on training in three much-needed roles in the industry: third-party assessors, policy analysts, and vulnerability analysts. 

Employers can engage resources for a 3-to-6-month projects with guidance from CISOSHARE at a heavily discounted rate. 

Employers can hire CyberForward resources for a small commission, all of which goes back into funding the program and future participants. 

Start your security projects, support the program.

Establishing a Culture of Learning

Listen to Founder, President, and CEO Mike Gentile talk with Gene Hammet about how he created the program with a focus on a learning culture.

Bringing Knowledge and Experience to Capable People

Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing career fields today. Companies are spending more time focusing on security and need more qualified individuals to work in specialized roles. The problem is that existing certification programs don’t emphasize the right skills.


Experienced Security Resources

Resources are available for third-party risk management, vulnerability management, and policy management.

Help Close the Cyber Skills Gap

Support CyberForward and help us address the growing cyber security skills gap.

Support the OC Community

Give a member of the Orange County community an opportunity to make a livable wage and start their cyber security career.