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"The best solution for preventing and monitoring unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources. Includes firewall, intrusion prevention, and detection, unified threat management, VPN, etc."

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CISOSHARE's Recognized Service: 

Security Program as a Service (SPaaS) 

The SPaaS service provides organizations with a comprehensive cyber security management system from start to finish including policy, processes, and people on demand. SPaaS model provides on-demand security expertise and resources as your company grows. CISOSHARE SPaaS have the following common benefits: 

  • The service can begin immediately and often will have a functioning fully operational security program within months.
  • Leverages a best-practice aligned security program development framework that streamlines implementation efficiency.
  • Supports situations where an organization must implement security program remediation quickly to meet customer, regulatory or competitive demands. 
  • Optimized for high growth companies that often need to scale quickly with expanding security needs and responsibilities in a short period of time.

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