Expert Insight and Tools to Improve Your Security Program

ProgressLink by CISOSHARE is designed and powered by security experts to help organizations customize and improve their cyber security programs. Our application provides a combination of tools for organizations to use on their own and integrates with CISOSHARE's professional services to provide additional security program visibility.

Security Program Score

Use the application to understand the current state of your security program and track your program's progress over time.

Third-Party Management

View and manage third-party risk and conduct regular assessments through a single convenient dashboard.


With a virtual in-app team member for just about every role in a security program, get insight and support as you complete the Risk Descriptionnaire or navigate the app.

Risk Descriptionnaire

A reimagining of the traditional risk questionnaire, utilize the application's descriptionnaire to assess the current state of your security program. Choose the description about specific program domains that best fits your organization's security program to generate your score.

Framework Roadmap

Determine how well you align to common best practice and regulatory frameworks based on common organizational demographics. Combine requirements for a cohesive foundation for your security program.

Program Recommendations

Get custom recommendations from security experts for areas such as scope, security domains, policies, and resources. Create and execute project plans and set deadlines to improve your security program.

Introducing ProgressLink by CISOSHARE

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Take security program progress into your own hands.

Security Expertise

Our application is built with knowledge and insight from cyber security professionals so you're ready to take on security challenges.

Focus on Progress

Utilize a combination of tools and insight for proactive progress instead of reactive changes to your security program.

Automate Program Processes

Use the app to build and automate certain areas of your security program and take the strain off your team.

Increase Program Visibility

Use the program score and dashboard to monitor the health of your security program and the progress your team makes over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our approach utilizes all of the recognized best practice frameworks available to help develop your program requirements. You have the opportunity to set how strictly you want to align to best practices. This is important, especially if you want to optimize the number of resources or people you'll need on your future security team.

Most best practice frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST, etc, only focus on complying with specific requirements rather than optimizing and ensuring the best practices are efficient. Our progress-based approach does both.

Nope! Our solutions are designed for anyone that wants to understand what it will take to build the best security program for their organization.

A progress-based approach focuses on creating security programs that enable informed decision making and then the ability to execute those decisions in the most efficient manner possible. This is coupled with being able to understand the processes within your organization with the ability to have enough resources to perform those processes efficiently.

Learn more about our progress-based security approach in our article.