Expert-Guided Security Solution

Security Program Blueprint

Work directly with our security team to build a customized security program blueprint in an easy-to-understand format with limited use of complicated cyber security terms and jargon. Schedule a facilitated session with our team to generate a blueprint that includes your security program scope, resourcing requirements, roles, and responsibilities that align to your business objectives.

What is the Facilitated Session?

It’s a one-hour session with a member of our team to ask about your current security program. This is designed for anyone with an interest in improving their current cyber security program.

If you’re not sure where to start, we will teach you how to collect more information about your security environment and get the next steps.

If you have a working understanding of security and information on the specifics of your program like your resources and relative maturity, we’ll use the session to provide specific information about scope and resource considerations.

The session covers areas like policies, asset management, human resources, access control, compliance, and more.

Build a foundation for progress-based security program.
Utilize innovative and efficiently designed processes.

Access experienced security resources when you need them.

What You'll Get

Expert Forum

Work directly with our security team and ask questions about how to build the right security program for your organization.

Understanding Your Current State

Our facilitated discussion is an opportunity for us to identify areas of your program that are missing or need improvement.

Program Scope and Objectives

Once you work with our team to understand what goes into a security program, you'll establish the right scope with our team.

Align to Best Practices and Requirements

Our recommendations allow for flexibility, especially in optimizing best practices for your organization's unique needs.

Resource Planning

Estimate the resources you'll need to properly execute all your processes. These resources can be part of your team.

Customized Process Inventory

The information about your organization will be used to build a blueprint or inventory of processes that you need to include in your security program.

How it Works

Start tailoring your security program processes.

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with a member of our security team and start preparing basic information about your company, existing documentation, and business goals.

Speak to an Expert

Establish your company profile and start identifying program areas, processes, and resources your organization needs for an effective program.

Receive Your Program Blueprint

Based on your conversation, you'll receive customized processes from our team. Adjust the processes as necessary based on any changes to your needs.