What is a Security Program Score?

The security program score shows the current health of your security program ranging from 300 to 850. After completing the Descriptionnaire™ in the application, the score appears on the app's dashboard based on the information your team provides in each area of the security program domain.

Your program score is an indicator of your security program's current health. You'll also find a progress score on the dashboard that measures the amount of change or progress your security program has made over time.

Understand Your Security Program's Current State

Building a security program that fits your business objectives starts with better information.

Why Utilize a Security Program Score?

Understand Current State

Visualize the current state of your security program with an easy-to-understand score.

Measure Program Domains

Measure each domain of your security program and understand how it impacts the program overall.

Focus on Progress

The progress score makes it easier to track the changes made in the program so you can see the impact it has on your environment.

Identify Areas for Improvement

The score highlights areas of your program that need additional support so you can prioritize what changes to make.