Cyber Security Program Score

What is CISOSHARE’s Cyber Security Program Score?

Our security program application provides a free cyber security score. This cyber security score is calculated through our baseline assessment. This assessment measures the current state of your security program and gives you a cyber security rating, as well as concrete next steps to improving your information security program.

Understand Your Security Program's Current State

Building a security program that fits your business objectives starts with better information.

Why Score Your Security Program?

Roadmap for Improvement

We focus on helping you continuously improve your cyber security program to minimize risk and make better decisions. 

Proprietary Scoring

Our score focuses on the internal characteristics of your security program: documentation, communication, and informed decision-making.

Progress-Based Score 

We provide tailored recommendations for improvement. Your cyber security score updates based on changes you make.

Security on Your Terms 

Make progress at your own pace. We give you full control over who you choose to share your cyber security score with and what you do with it. 


Start Improving Your Security Program in Three Steps

Provide information based on your current state and we will give you a roadmap for improvement.

Create an Account

Create a FREE account on our application.

Capture Current State

Take the baseline assessment to understand your current environment.

Make Better Decisions

Receive your score and custom recommendations to start making progress.