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Progress Starts with the Truth. So much of the information around security doesn't directly address the problems that companies need to understand. Take these topics head on with our podcast — we talk frankly about cyber security and give you tips and techniques to build an effective security program.

Cyber security forces many within an organization to make decisions that evoke emotion. Either new to the discipline or a veteran, it’s that feeling you get inside after making that small change to a security board report or being asked to for the first time. You play by the rules, you want to do the right thing, but the feelings of conflict inside are still there, do others have them?

Born and based in California, True Colors of Cyber Security creates an honest learning and teaching forum for anyone that wants to make integrity-based decisions in cyber security. To enable this type of decision making, this podcast explores relevant cyber security issues with blunt candor based on real-world scenarios and experience.

This is information and insight not found in security text books, white papers, or the common security presentation. However, it is the knowledge that can be used by anyone to explore the boundaries of their morale code, and most important, do their definition of the right thing in a complex security landscape and world.

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