Cyber Security Solution

A Cyber Security Solution Focused on Progress

Cyber Progress Index (CPI) is a web-based cyber security solution geared toward helping organizations better manage their security programs. Designed by the CISOSHARE team, CPI provides an ecosystem of knowledge, support, and tools to help organizations improve their cyber security programs all in one security application.

Start by taking the Baseline Assessment, receive your free CPI Score, and start implementing recommendations based on your answers to the baseline.

If you find that you don't have the resources or the skillset to implement our recommendations, the CISOSHARE team can help.

CPI's Cyber Security Solution

Connect the dots with better information and informed decision making.

Baseline Assessment

To receive your CPI score, go through 20 simple and easy-to-understand questions about your security program. The baseline evaluates your program based on the key characteristics of a strong security program.


Our cyber security score can help your organization understand and visualize where you stand with your security program, and receive the next steps you need to take to make progress.


Access a suite of knowledge and tools in our security application. Our team has built and designed each guide and tool based on their experience from the information security industry.


Submit your security program documentation and our team can review your document for validation or provide detailed next steps on what to do to improve.