Cyber Security Staffing Support Services

Recruit Affordable Cyber Security Professionals

Supplying the best cyber talent trained by our expert team to support organizations of any size and industry. Cyber security recruitment is a challenge with the cyber security resource shortage, and the CISOSHARE team decided to tackle the issue by providing flexible staffing options. Organizations can find resources and expertise they need to complete their security projects.

Experienced Cyber Security Staffing Support for Your Security Projects

Find out how the CISOSHARE team can help.


Our resources help you reach an ideal security state more efficiently.

Hire Quickly

We find qualified talent so you can take the burden of recruiting and hiring security resources off your team.

Team Support
With over 20 years of experience, our team can provide support to teams and companies alike.
Customized Scope
Bring on staff and resources as you need them, whether it's for a project, a period of time, or to hire on permanently.
Focus on Progress
Focus on building a strong security program that can change and adapt according to your business needs.