A Fully Managed Security Program with the Right People, Processes, and Technology

Work directly with our security team to build a customized security program blueprint in an easy-to-understand format with limited use of complicated cyber security terms and jargon. Schedule a facilitated session with our team to generate a blueprint that includes your security program scope, resourcing requirements, roles, and responsibilities that align to your business objectives.

What You'll Get

Expert Forum

Work directly with our security team and ask questions about how to build the right security program for your organization.

Understanding Your Current State

Our facilitated discussion is an opportunity for us to identify areas of your program that are missing or need improvement.

Program Scope and Objectives

Once you work with our team to understand what goes into a security program, you'll establish the right scope with our team.

Align to Best Practices and Requirements

Our recommendations allow for flexibility, especially in optimizing best practices for your organization's unique needs.

Resource Planning

Estimate the resources you'll need to properly execute all your processes. These resources can be part of your team.

Customized Process Inventory

The information about your organization will be used to build a blueprint or inventory of processes that you need to include in your security program.

How it Works

Start tailoring your security program processes.

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with a member of our security team and start preparing basic information about your company, existing documentation, and business goals.

Speak to an Expert

Establish your company profile and start identifying program areas, processes, and resources your organization needs for an effective program.

Receive Your Program Blueprint

Based on your conversation, you'll receive customized processes from our team. Adjust the processes as necessary based on any changes to your needs.

Can I use your application without having to talk to an expert?

Yes, but we've found that many people who are new to cyber security face a steep learning curve. This makes it difficult to develop an appropriate plan without any expert guidance to explain the whats and the whys during program development.

We've combined the facilitated meeting with our program development tools to maximize the benefit for organizations that want to build or optimize their security programs.

Is this just a sales tactic?

Yes and no. Over the years, people come to us thinking that a virtual CISO is all they need for a healthy security program. We've found that it's best to educate organizations on what they need in an effective security program. This is all an opportunity for our team to learn about what your organization specifically needs and a chance for our team to show organizations what goes into security program development.

Whether you want to use our services in some capacity after we've walked you through the process is entirely at your discretion.

Does this process align to best practice?

Yes, our approach utilizes all of the recognized best practice frameworks available to help develop your program requirements. You have the opportunity to set how strictly you want to align to best practices. This is important, especially if you want to optimize the number of resources or people you'll need on your future security team.

Most best practice frameworks such as ISO 27001, NIST, etc, only focus on complying with specific requirements rather than optimizing and ensuring the best practices are efficient. Our progress-based approach does both.

Do I need to be familiar with security to use this tool?

Nope! Our solutions are designed for anyone that wants to understand what it will take to build the best security program for their organization.

I am an expert in security. Should I use this?

We've found that experts in security may get the most value by taking our baseline assessment first. On the other hand, we've learned that experts appreciate the facilitate experience so that everyone is on the same page regarding security program development with a visual presentation of tools at the end.


How long does this take?

The facilitated session takes about an hour.

How much does this cost?

This only costs an hour of your time!

Can I try the baseline assessment first and then do the facilitation?

Absolutely! The baseline may be a good test of your understanding in security program development. If, while taking the current state assessment, you find that some of the concepts or questions are confusing, you can schedule a facilitated program analysis.

What is a progress-based approach to security?

A progress-based approach focuses on creating security programs that enable informed decision making and then the ability to execute those decisions in the most efficient manner possible. This is coupled with being able to understand the processes within your organization with the ability to have enough resources to perform those processes efficiently.

Learn more about our progress-based security approach in our article here.