Health Care Information Security Services

Health Care Information Security

From ransomware to electronic data being compromised and stolen during transmission, threats to information security in the health care industry are more serious than ever before.

When it comes to cybersecurity breaches, organizations in the health care industry are prime targets. In fact, according to a 2016 report by the Ponemon Institute, 89% of health care organizations included in their study have experienced a data breach.

While employee negligence used to be a primary concern in protecting sensitive health care information, modern data breaches are increasingly coming from outside sources. Some of these attacks are in the form of ransomware, in which an attacker demands money for the return of stolen data. A study by Solutionary, an NTT Group security company, revealed that organizations in the health care industry were targeted in 88% of all ransomware attacks in 2016. Information is also put at risk when it’s transmitted from one source to another via the internet.

Protecting Sensitive Health Care Data

When ransomware attacks and data breaches occur today, it’s typically not due to information mismanagement. Rather, many health care organizations are currently operating using systems that are not updated to modern standards. Simply put, the way many EHR and HIT systems have been managed in the past leaves them easily vulnerable to a variety of breaches and attacks.

Staying Within the Letter of the Law

In addition to sharing a responsibility to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their patients’ data, health care organizations are bound by strict HIPAA privacy and security rules. Those not operating in accordance with these regulations can be subject to hefty fines.

Customized Security Solutions for Every Health Care Organization

From large hospitals to small doctors’ offices, information security needs vary from one organization to the next. That’s why CISOSHARE provides health care information security services that are customized for each of our clients’ needs. From ensuring a strong and secure system of identity management through the various data portals as well as minimizing risks to all data relayed via cloud database systems, we look for a variety of risks to ensure all your health care data remains secure.

Health Care Information Security Services

With our information security expertise of over 20+ years, we assist the health care industry with information security and compliance initiatives. CISOSHARE's health care information security services includes:

  • A high-level review of the organization’s security practices
  • Identifying areas requiring immediate attention and prioritization of projects to improve the organization’s security posture within weeks
  • Implementation of new and revised policies aligned to the organization’s benchmark and health care industry's best practice frameworks
  • Virtually embedding our team of information security experts with your organization and assist in solving security-related initiatives
  • Implementing the new and/or revised policies and processes to become standardized within the organization and relieving pressure associated with daily security operations
  • Security awareness training to ensure employees follow new processes and are abiding by them


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