Protect Confidential Industry Data

Information security in the public sector is becoming increasingly complex. The CISOSHARE team customizes security programs for public sector organizations to meet their needs and manage unique threats like large networks and third-party risk.

CISOSHARE Supports Public Sector Security:

  • Comply with regulatory requirements and applicable certifications.
  • Assess and respond to third-party risks.
  • Effectively manage a growing network.
  • Outsource your entire security program to our expert team.

Practical Experience

The CISOSHARE team has over 20 years of experience developing, implementing, and securing companies in highly regulated industries.

Industry Experience

We customize each security program balances industry standards, security best practices, and your organization's unique needs.

Proven Approach

We utilize a proven, methodical progress-based approach to security program development to build security programs will that adapt with your goals.

Let us support you!