Information Security Consulting

Why Information Security Consulting Services?

As information security continues to become more complex, information security consulting can be a valuable option for organizations that want to fill in gaps within their programs. CISOSHARE’s information security consulting services can be delivered through our project-based professional services, for longer and more foundational efforts through our managed services. Our team is dedicated to helping companies build programs that meet their organizational goals.

Professional Services

Our professional services are delivered as project-based, one-time engagements. The team is available for information security consulting in the areas of security architecture, incident management, and security program assessment or development. Although all of our services are delivered on a project basis, we develop each component while keeping your entire security program in mind.

Managed Services

Our managed services are meant to provide teams and resources that can integrate into your organization’s security program to help you manage portions of it or your program as a whole. All of our managed security services — from building and managing your security program from the ground up, to filling in roles and conducting specific processes — are done with your organizational objectives in mind. Our managed information security consulting services are meant to help you maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of organizational and client data.

Security Application

Cyber Progress Index (CPI) was designed by our team based on their experience building information security programs. CPI is meant to help organizations automate the security program development process, moving away from legacy-based programs to focus on developing programs that can actually make progress. By answering a simple baseline questionnaire, organizations can receive a free score to help them visualize their current security posture,and can access our validation services to receive detailed feedback about their documentation and what to improve.


Using our team of experts can help you protect your information efficiently.

Expert Resources

Access a team of security experts as your organization needs them to help you manage your security program.

Focus on Business

Bring on a security team so that you and your team can focus on the aspects of business that you do best.

Gain Confidence

Rest assured that our team will be available so that your organization is prepared whenever customer assessments or security audits come in.

Tailored Services
Our team can quickly assess and understand what your organization needs so we can tailor our approach to meet your goals.