Professional Services

Our professional services are delivered as project-based engagements. The team is available for information security consulting in the areas of security architecture, incident management, and other security program services. Although all of our services are delivered on a project basis, each component is developed with a holistic program in mind.

Managed Services

Our managed services provide your organizations with expertise and resources to integrate with your organization’s security program. We build and execute your security program with your objectives in mind. Managed services are meant to help you maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of organizational and client data.

Security Program Application

CISOSHARE's security program application was designed by our team with their experience building information security programs. Users can opt for self-guided or expert-guided security to establish a baseline of your current environment and establish a customized blueprint with the resources and policy areas you need to meet your goals.


Protect your information efficiently with an expert team.

Expert Resources

Access a team of security experts as your organization needs them to manage your security program.

Focus on Business

Bring on a security team so you and your team can focus on the aspects of business that you do best.

Gain Confidence

Rest assured that our team is readily available so your organization is prepared for anything that comes your way.

Tailored Services

Our team can quickly assess and understand what your organization needs so we can tailor our approach to meet your goals.