Enterprise Security Architecture Service

Why Invest in Enterprise Security Architecture?

In security, there are two methods an organization must master to protect critical data: the practical governance side and the technical architecture configuration.  Building a security architecture to support your network from the ground up is a complicated process. In fact, many organizations don’t consider security architecture until after they are able to afford it or have a minimal viable product or service to offer.

Oftentimes the investment into security is minimal as it’s viewed as a sunk cost.  This causes organizations to have poor or no security designed into their technical environment, therefore requiring expert analysis and remediation support to help the business scale and remain viable in today's cyber attack-heavy world.

A good security architecture will clearly define what types of data your organization owns and needs to protect, how the data is accessed by people and systems, what is in place to detect and prevent attacks, and the information security programs that support maintaining a secure technical environment and security tools.

How Can an Information Security Architecture Program Help?

An Information Security Architecture Program helps your organization protect your data and that of your customers by doing the following:

  • Defines the data types your organization processes, how the data is separated and how it’s accessed by internal and external resources or systems.
  • Determines where your critical data lives both logically and physically to help identify threats.
  • Analyzes how your organization’s security technologies work together to meet your security requirements and business objectives.
  • Recommends the appropriate preventive and detective technical safeguards to align to best practice and regulatory requirements.
  • Defines the policies and processes that will govern and support maintaining the secure storage and processing of organizational data.


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