Incident Response Program

Incident Response Program

With cyber attacks on the rise, having an appropriate incident response plan is an important and necessary part of every business. In the event of an incident or possible breach, it's important that everyone understand their roles and know what needs to be done in order to handle the breach appropriately.

CISOSHARE offers various incident response services such as incident response plan reviews and recommendations, plan development, and tabletop exercises to help organizations develop the response plan that best suits their business. We can prepare your organization before, during, and after an incident occurs.

We help organizations analyze and identify any gaps in their current incident response plan, or we can work directly with a client to understand their current infrastructure, tools, and incident response team capabilities to build a plan that suits their business. Tabletop engagements are a valuable opportunity to run through scenarios that a company may encounter to train the team responsible for executing the plan and identify any missing plan elements. Our services can help your organization before, during, and after an incident.

Incident Response Preparation at Every Step

Our team will work with you before, during, and after any information security incidents.
  • We'll review your existing incident response plan to identify and address gaps in your existing response plan.
  • Develop an incident response plan suitable to your current environment and team capabilities.
  • Train your team to properly handle incidents through tabletop scenarios.
  • Run through scenarios that involve both technical and management teams.
  • Provide an incident management and forensics team at the ready.
Need a team to an incident immediately? Learn about our Incident Management Services.


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