Information Security Remediation Roadmap

Remediation Roadmaps

Information security remediation and implementation can be a daunting task if you can't figure out where to start. When you couple the never-ending list of security tasks with limited financial and individual resources, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify you have or haven't accomplished, or where to focus your next efforts. Our Remediation Roadmap Development service can help.

A security program remediation roadmap provides your organization with an organized and logical approach to addressing your information security gaps. A good roadmaps will lay out a comprehensive list of security-related tasks and organize them into projects and programs you can assign a scope, schedule, and budget to.

Budget planning is an important element of a remedial roadmap, as it ensures that key security initiatives are properly funded. In addition to understanding the projects and priorities, we use our expertise and experience to help you build both an operational and capital budget. We also identify the resource needs to complete the roadmap within your timeline.

Our estimate breaks down the role types with project allocations, and estimates the cost of tools or technology to support a successful remediation effort.

If you haven't discovered your information security gaps previously, we can also measure and assess your organization prior to building a remediation roadmap.

Uses for an Information Security Roadmap

A Remediation Roadmap can be helpful for any of the following scenarios:

  • Your organization is implementing a new Information Security Program, but you aren't sure how to justify a new budget and additional resources.
  • You have an information security assessment or audit findings report but need help organizing how your organization will satisfy the report's recommendations.
  • Your Information Security Risk Register is growing, and the tasks are becoming major initiatives that need to be planned for.
  • Your organization wants to obtain certifications such as ISO 27001/2, hITRUST, PCI-DSS, or others.


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