Security Policy Development

Information Security Policy Development

Building a policy framework based on your organization's operating environment is the first step to a successful program. Your policy framework should consider all the data elements that are processed to fully understand the applicability of the various control catalogs.

CISOSHARE can deliver a comprehensive set of Information Security policies to guide the organization and define what will be done to protect your organization's critical data across all aspects of the business that are governed by the security program. Your security policy will be developed to comply with geographic and regulatory requirements in your specific industry.

In addition to defining what your organization will do in regards to security information, policies are key artifacts to maintaining a program that aligns the organization to beset practices and other requirements. These artifacts are becoming increasingly important for audits and sales reviews.

A well-developed set of policies can not only lessen the possibility of hefty fines, but can also be a valuable sales tool during third-party risk reviews by potential partners and clients.

Information Security Policy Framework Development

The security policy framework is the key to mapping the program's scope to the organization's regulatory, compliance, and desired best practices. A policy framework can help an organization with the following:

  • Correlating controls and requirements to suggested policy areas for your organization to develop.
  • Lay the foundation for complete policies that won't contradict each other.
  • Build a framework based on your organization's operating environment and with full understanding of your control catalogs.
  • Policies that are explicitly aligned to each of your required control catalogs.


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