Security Program Review and Recommendations

Information Security Program Review & Recommendations

One of the first steps you can take to bring your security to the next level could be to have a third party conduct a security program review. They can build recommendations based on the people, processes, and technology that form your program maturity.

Security can be a sensitive subject, especially when it might uncover some not-so-flattering findings or can lead to asking for more resources. Save your political capital, and let a third party be your champion for change.

From interviewing stakeholders to reviewing security program documentation to measure the effectiveness of the security tools and technologies, CISOSHARE's security program review services take a holistic approach to bringing your program to the next level.

What Happens During an Information Security Program Review?

We make recommendations to our clients based on what they want to measure their program against an organization's requested standards. Different parts of a security program review include:

  • Establishing typical benchmark standards such as organizational standards, application regulations, best practice frameworks, or a combination.
  • Solidifying objectives for your review, whether that's a board request, post-incident remediation, change in leadership, new regulatory requirements, or other changes.
  • Considering all of the surrounding aspects of your security program such as the governance and communication model, policies, process documentation, and technical security architecture.
  • Conducting interviews with stakeholders and support staff to measure against your benchmark standards.
  • Analyzing all the information to put together a findings and recommendations database to deliver with the report.
  • Presentations to the board and stakeholders to help support your efforts.


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