Tactical Incident Management Services

Tactical Incident Management

Many organizations don't staff the resources required to properly respond to a cyber security incident and information security breach. If an incident or possible breach occurs, your organization needs the ability to quickly add resources and manage the process of tactical incident management.

Oftentimes, management is searching for someone to help navigate through the fog of uncertainty and confusion. It's overwhelming and tough to organize the questions and information that comes with responding to an incident. This is why a fresh face or team to help push through the problem is invaluable to any organization.

CISOSHARE's resources help your organization quickly determine the scope and measure the risk involved with the data possibly breached. Our team has supported some of the highest profile information security incidents, and countless incidents for emerging companies. From determining where to start looking involves identifying and managing the threat, to ensuring that it’s documented, and thoroughly analyzing it.

Our analysis includes active threats to your information security program, successful data breaches, as well as potential or attempted intrusions into your network.

What Does Security Incident Management Entail?

CISOSHARE utilizes key practices outlined in the ISO/IEC Standard 27035, which include:
  • Making preparations to handle security incidents.
  • Monitoring for, identifying, and reporting all incidents.
  • Assessing incidents in order to prioritize them and determine steps to mitigate any risks.
  • Properly responding to the incident by containing the threat.
  • Taking the appropriate steps to resolve the incident.
  • Documenting each incident and using key information to further improve the system.


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