Managed Security Services

CISOSHARE's Managed Security Services

Security is a vital part of every businesses, regardless of size or industry. Our team helps your organization run your information security projects without the hassle of finding and hiring the security experts. CISOSHARE's managed security services are perfect for organizations that don't have the resources to run their security programs efficiently or want expert assistance at a fraction of the cost of building out an internal team.

Managed Security Program

Our managed security program as a service gives you everything you need to develop, manage, and maintain a successful security program.

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Security Process Performance

From risk management, to third-party assessments and other security processes, we provide the resources you need.

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Security Role Performance

From security analysts to CISOs and everything in between, we provide security experts as an organizational resource.

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Take the guesswork out of running your security program with managed security services.

Cost Effective

With our managed security services, you save time, resources, and the costs associated with hiring a team of experienced security experts at a fraction of the cost of bringing on an internal team.

Specific Focus on Security Programs

Over the last 20 years, we've built security programs for hundreds of organizations and have published several books on the subject. We provide unbiased recommendations based on our experience.

Implement Security Quickly and Efficiently

With our role-based approach and well-defined methodology, you're ensured a security program that's in balance with your business needs. You'll receive both the documentation and the team to implement security tasks.

Scalable Performance
As your organization continues to grow, our resources can adapt and scale with your business needs. Using our managed services means that you can access experienced security resources as you need them, without the wait.