24/7 Log Management and Monitoring Services

Experts Monitoring Your Security 24/7

Maintaining 24/7 logging and monitoring is the key to detecting suspicious activities before an incident occurs. Cyber threats and attacks aren't constrained to your organization's business hours. CISOSHARE's security experts are ready to keep an eye on your environment and keep sensitive data safe.

Access to Security Experts

Our team configures, monitors, and manages your logs and alerts so your team doesn't have to spend time doing it.

Log Management

Separate real security events from normal network activity in your environment and maintain logs in the event of an incident.

Accurate Security Alerting

Get accurate security alerts with the information and context you need to respond quickly and efficiently.

Increase Situational Awareness

Maintain regular insight into your security environment, potential threats, and the best ways to respond.

Repeatable System

Your security program will be built in an operational and repeatable manner so it can continue to be optimized over time.

Proven Methodology

The CISOSHARE team build security programs with a proven methodology we've implemented in hundreds of organizations.


Work with a team of experts to keep your security environment safe, no matter the time of day.

Maintain control over your environment.

Understand your environment's current state at a given time

Peace of mind that your client's sensitive data is safe.

Increase awareness without taking time away from your own time.