Managed Detection and Response Services

Detect, Analyze, and Respond to Threats

Managed detection and response (MDR) services are a good option for organizations that don’t have the security skills available in-house to keep up with security logs and responding to potential threats. CISOSHARE’s expert team is ready to help detect, manage, and respond to alerts and activity throughout your environment.

Access to Security Experts
Our team configures, monitors, and manages your logs and alerts to alleviate your security team.
Log Aggregation & Management

Correlate log data to assist with reporting, compliance, and attack forensics. 

Dedicated Incident Detection

Security experts verify each alert and contextualize possible indicators of a larger attack or compromise.

Investigation and Response

Our team investigates and responds to potential incidents quickly with the right expertise. 


Don’t let your environment suffer from misconfigured technologies and unused logs.

Maintain control over your security environment. 

Actively monitor and protect sensitive data in your organization’s network. 

Understand and respond based on the context of each alert. 

Balance compliance with proactive threat detection.