Manage, Detect, and Respond to Threats Quickly

Managed detection and response (MDR) services provide security threat intelligence, security monitoring, incident management, and incident response for organizations that need extra security bandwidth to manage these events. CISOSHARE’s security team manages security logs and alerts to detect and respond to alerts and activity in your environment.

Complete Security Team

Work with our team to configure, monitor, and manage logs and alerts to support your internal security team.

Log Aggregation & Management

Correlate log data and alerts to assist with reporting, compliance, and attack forensics.

Dedicated Incident Detection

Security experts review and verify each alert to contextualize possible indicators of a larger attack or compromise.

Investigation and Response

Our team investigates and responds to potential incidents quickly with the right expertise.


Why Choose CISOSHARE MDR Services?

Make the most of your security technology and use your logs effectively to monitor your environment.

Control Your Environment

Use your technology and a team of expert analysts to control activity in your environment.

Actively Monitor Data

Our team interprets log data and validates potential incidents and activity in your network.

Reporting and Alerting

Our team of experts analyzes potential threats to respond quickly and efficiently based on the context of the alert.

Balance Compliance and Protection

Comply with regulatory frameworks while proactively detecting threats and protecting your environment.