Managed Security Program

Ready For a Functional Security Program?

Use our experienced security team to build a customized security program based on a proven development methodology.

Foundational Components
We start with identifying and building the documentation for different policy areas and their accompanying processes. These can include areas such as project governance, communication systems, risk management program, and others.
Technical Components

The technical elements of your security program overlay the foundational components. These include security architecture segmentation and management, log management processes, and vulnerability management.

Managed Services
Once the foundations have been completed, the CISOSHARE team performs ongoing processes and any discrete, scheduled processes for each of the developed programs. We provide either individual resources to perform these processes for you in-house, perform specific processes with our own team off-site, or can manage your security program with our team entirely.

Build and Execute a Security Program from Start to Finish

Our managed security program as a service focuses on the development and implementation of comprehensive information security programs. Within months, we build a custom and comprehensive information security program that aligns to your organization’s business objectives. We completely transform your security program's posture, drive more business revenue, and add tangible value.

Customized Program

Each security program that our team builds is tailored and customized for each organization's unique needs and requirements.

Align to Objectives

Meet your organizational goals, whether that's to meet a customer response or to have specific domain areas in place.

Full Security Resources

The CISOSHARE team provides all of the security resources you need to build and execute your security program.

Build Efficiently

We'll establish an effective security program quickly so that it's fully functional in a short period of time.

Repeatable System

Your security program will be built in an operational and repeatable manner so it can continue to be optimized over time.

Proven Methodology

The CISOSHARE team build security programs with a proven methodology we've implemented in hundreds of organizations.