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Finding the security expertise you need to help you fill your security program roles is difficult. From Chief Information Security Officers to risk analysts, we provide the skills you need without the gap in finding and hiring someone in-house. Our resources are available on-site with additional support from our own team to help you perform your security program in a cost-effective manner.

Not Just a Role

Find the Right Security Roles

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The vCISO will work in conjunction with other leaders to develop and implement security and privacy enhancements to the security organization and technical architecture.

Security Architect

Ensure that the organization is adequately protected against internal and external security threats, and implement safeguards as the organization grows.

Security Analyst

Handle incoming customer security assessments, efficiently conduct vulnerability management processes, and make sure that you have the right skills to handle potential incidents.

Security Project Manager

Utilize a security project manager to help you quickly address existing vulnerabilities through your security projects.

Third-Party Risk Analyst

Quickly and efficiently assess the potential risks associated with business partners and customers without getting bogged down.

Vulnerability Analyst

Continuously analyze and manage existing vulnerabilities within your environment.

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