Third-Party Risk Management Services

Maintain and Manage Third-Parties and Vendors

Third-party risk assessment and management is a key feature of any successful cyber security program. Risks and vulnerabilities in your vendors, suppliers, or other third-party environments can quickly become your risks and vulnerabilities. Conduct your due diligence and regularly measure your partners to manage and remediate issues.

Security Risk Assessments
Our team takes on sending, managing, and responding to third-party security assessments.
Third-Party Monitoring and Management

Regularly monitor and manage compliance of your partners and third-parties. 

Planning and Remediation

Identify, store, and prioritize any issues that are flagged for remediation.

Process Management

We’ll create, implement, and manage third-party processes to take the burden off your team. 


Maintain visibility and effectively manage your relationship with your organization’s third-parties.

CISOSHARE’s experts handle every aspect of your risk management program. 

Our team can scale with the number of third-parties your organization works with.

Have a team ready to help you plan remediation and response activities for third-parties.

Stay on top of potential and current threats to your organization.