Building Effective Third-Party Risk Management Programs

Third party risk management (TPRM) is a critical aspect of an organization’s risk management program and involves analyzing and controlling the risks associated with outsourcing or working with third parties such as vendors, suppliers, contractors, or service providers. It’s important to be aware of any risks and vulnerabilities the organization is exposed to as a result of any partnerships. CISOSHARE provides everything you need to build, implement, and execute the policies and processes around finding and managing these risks.

Utilize technology and a unique approach to efficiently and effectively assessing third-party risk across multiple frameworks

Third-Party Risk Assessment Services

For organizations who need support in assessing relevant third parties. Whether you lack formalized processes or resources, or your current team can't keep up with demand, our experts have everything you need for success.

Third-Party Risk Response Services

For organizations who need to respond to customer and partner assessments. Respond quickly and with confidence in your security posture with support from the CISOSHARE team and technology to expedite the process.

Integrating People, Processes, and Technology

Utilize automation to make third party risk management more efficient, but it isn't all you can do.


What Sets Us Apart?

Professional Guidance

We utilize our learning and teaching culture to guide and enable your team to run and manage these processes.

People, Processes, and Technology

We provide skilled resources, processes designed with our proven methodology, and access to an adaptable technology.

Expert Support

Our team integrates with your overall security program and risk management processes to focus on efficiency and continuous progress without adding to your overall headcount.

Objective Alignment

We ensure processes align to your business objectives, appropriate frameworks, and regulatory requirements.

Third party vendor risk is a growing security concern — is your team prepared?