Third-Party Risk Management Services

Manage Third-Party Vendor Risk with the Right People, Processes, and Technology

Third-party vendor risk management is a key aspect of your overall risk management for your cyber security program. Risks and vulnerabilities in your vendors, suppliers, or other third-party environments can quickly become risks and vulnerabilities that affect your environment. CISOSHARE provides everything your team needs through a unique combination of people, processes, and technology.

Assessment Services

For organizations that lack a program or the resources to efficiently manage the number of third-party risk assessments to complete, the CISOSHARE team can build processes and provide resources.

Response Services

For organizations that lack the maturity and resources to effectively respond to customer and partner risk assessments, CISOSHARE provides a complete team and technology to respond efficiently.

Third-Party Vendor Risk Assessment Services

Build or optimize risk assessment processes to implement the right risk management tools.

Identify and scope third parties to prioritize for assessments. Build your third-party vendor database with internal stakeholders and vendor contacts.

Use technology-drive management of processes to initiate, manage, and perform the appropriate risk assessments.

Gather and report risk metrics defined by internal management, organizational objectives, and compliance & regulations.

Third-Party Vendor Risk Response Services

Review your organizational response processes and supporting documentation. We measure potential gaps in your ability to respond to assessments.

Update or develop efficient response processes to risk assessments. We define inputs, key stakeholders, approval, and artifact collection and provide support with the appropriate documentation.

We provide additional security advisory, architecture, and analyst support so your organization can scale according to new security capabilities and ongoing assessments.

We gather and report known risks and gaps, external remediation timelines, and escalate internal remediation tasks as needed.


Our security experts are ready to work with you along every step of the way.

We provide adequately skilled resources, processes designed with our proven methodology, and access to an adaptable technology.

Our team integrates with your overall security program and risk management processes with a focus on efficiency and continuous progress.

We ensure processes align to your business objectives, appropriate frameworks, and regulatory requirements.

Integrate Expertise with Automation

CISOSHARE's application automates specific third-party vendor risk management processes while providing additional visibility into the risk third parties and vendors present to your environment.

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