Vulnerability Management Services

Build an Effective Vulnerability Management Program

CISOSHARE’s vulnerability management services are meant to help you establish an effective program that ties in with existing aspects of your security program to reduce overall risk in your environment. As organizational environments continue to grow and change, vulnerability management programs must do the same. The larger your organization’s network becomes, the more effort it takes to defend sensitive data against vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Scanning
Get a complete scan of your environment’s entire attack surface, from servers to endpoints.
Classify Applicable Risks

Identify the risks that are the most relevant to your organization’s network and data.

Integrate with Existing Programs

Establish a vulnerability management program that works with your patch management program, application security, and overall risk management process.

Define Remediation Strategies

Use data gathered from scans and assessments to prioritize and define strategies for remediating risks.


Identify and prioritize remediation projects to protect your security environment.

Work with a complete security team to integrate vulnerability management with your chosen security framework.

Effectively tie your vulnerability management program in with your security program charter.

Consistently measure and address risks that apply to your business.

Keep up with and adapt to constant changes in the volatile security landscape.