10 Mistakes People Make in Cyber Security

Written by CISOSHARE

June 18, 2019

In the latest episode, we’re sitting down with CISOSHARE’s President and CEO Mike Gentile to talk about 10 mistakes people make in cyber security. 

We go over 5 mistakes made by newcomers to the cyber security discipline, as well as 5 pitfalls that established veterans fall into. We cover a few of the following topics: 

Lack of confidence when starting off in the field. This can be problematic, especially for a discipline as uncertain as cyber security.

Not asking the right questions during meetings, or adequately preparing beforehand. 

The inability to write effectively, or writing in a way that jumbles up key ideas.

The assumption that a degree or certification automatically makes you a valuable security resource. 

Focusing too much on hard skills rather than soft skills, making it harder to interface with peers and coworkers.

Continuing with legacy security practices and ideas, rather than making a difference and adapting to an organization’s needs and modern considerations. 

We go over why people might fall into these mistakes and offer some insight and advice on how to address it. 

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