Building a Cyber Security Framework

Written by CISOSHARE

August 27, 2019

Cyber security frameworks. They form the foundation of your company’s security program, but they can easily feel overwhelming. This episode with CISOSHARE’s President and CEO Mike Gentile will hopefully demystify and explain what goes into a successful framework. 

More than just cyber security best practices, the requirements included in your framework should be based on demographic information about your business. This includes where you do business, what kind of data you handle or process, and any regulatory requirements that apply to your industry. Once you gather your requirements, it’s all a matter of correlating similar requirements and putting them together as they apply to security and other areas of your business. 

Another important part of developing your framework is factoring in the review and update processes. At a minimum, your framework should be reviewed annually to reflect any changes in your businesses from year to year. 

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