Cyber Security Trends

Written by CISOSHARE

January 25, 2019

In the first episode of True Colors of Cyber Security, Mike Gentile, President and CEO of CISOSHARE offers his thoughts on the coming trends in the information security space this year.

The past few years in cyber security will have an impact on the way businesses will approach cyber security moving forward. Regulations like HIPAA, CFPB, and others have lost the ability to punish organizations that aren’t in compliance, and companies are experiencing a constant state of attack. All of this has led to a change in the way companies approach their information security programs.

We discuss the shift away from compliance-based security into business-based security and how organizations are trying to invest more into their security programs.

We take a look at the way accountability for security programs is changing the dynamic of responsibility between CISOs and CIOs.

Finally, with our theme of looking at the truth in cyber security, we touch on the problem of the lack of authenticity at the board level — what causes it, and how organizations will break the cycle of building ineffective security programs.