A Guide to Building a Proactive Incident and Ransomware Program

Written by CISOSHARE

August 5, 2021

The latest episode of True Colors of Cyber Security is here! This time we’re looking at building a proactive incident and ransomware management program in five minutes.

There are endless things to consider when protecting your organization, especially with all the high-profile attacks we’re hearing about in the news. And keep in mind traditional incident response plan without tailoring it to ransomware won’t be relevant if you’re hit with one.

This episode will focus on the steps and tips to proactively improve your incident response policies, processes, and plan.

We hope the episode sheds some insight on a better approach to a proactive ransomware management program. If you’re starting the search for a cyber security provider to work with, check out our delivery process and how we can support you in a proactive approach to mitigate ransomware attacks.

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