CISOSHARE Approach Explained White Paper

The CISOSHARE Approach Explained

“The CISOSHARE Business Model, An innovative approach to Information Security”

CISOSHARE specializes in emerging, fast-growing businesses that manage, store or transmit data on behalf of their clients. Our Mission is to “Provide emerging, fast-growing businesses the ability to implement and maintain the comprehensive information security programs required to protect company data in a simple, cost-effective manner.”

Companies face scary challenges when it comes to protecting information you possess…especially if you have customer data entrusted to you. Considering information security should be your top business priority. If your company needs a Chief Information Security Officer, we can help with ‘Virtual CISO’ services.
Whether you know it or not, your company most likely has other people’s data in your possession and they have an expectation that you are securing it properly.

To fulfill your responsibilities you should:
Have policies and procedures in place about information security
Be ready when an audit is requested by a customer/partner/vendor
Have a plan in place to protect your reputation in the event of a breach

Information security experts with 20+ years of combined experience in developing, implementing, and securing highly regulated organizations.