Expanded program sets a goal to bring cyber security opportunities to hundreds of participants in 2020.


To support the growth, success, and vision of the multi-phase cyber security professional development program it has officially been named CyberForward.

The CyberForward program was initially launched in partnership with Orange County United Way’s UpSkill OC program in June of 2019. Since the completion of the first wave of participants from identification all the way to working careers in cyber security at a livable wage, the program has continued to accelerate in both the number of individuals that want to participate, as well as hiring organizations that want to employ them.

To date, over 80 individuals have participated in the program, with the goal to enable hundreds more the opportunity throughout 2020.

“The name CyberForward was chosen to illustrate the win-win nature of this program in both helping organizations move their security programs forward through the supply of qualified individuals, while at the same time helping program participants move their lives forward with valuable cyber security skills and a livable wage career,” says Mike Gentile, Founder, President and CEO of CISOSHARE.

CyberForward continues to grow its partnerships with both non-profits, veteran organizations, and educational institutions to supply willing program participants, as well as hiring organizations that want to simultaneously enhance their security programs while supporting their communities. If you or your organization is interested in participating, please visit CISOSHARE to learn more.


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About CyberForward

CyberForward is a multi-phase professional development programs that first identifies individuals with aptitudes to be successful in cyber security, develops their skills with focused role-based training and a comprehensive support system, and then gets them into working jobs on the path to a livable wage. The program enables success by working with participants to remove common roadblocks such as housing, access to transportation, technology, or other financial limitations so they can focus on their skill development and a successful career in cyber security. Once participants finish the foundational cyber security training and interning phases, the program then places them directly into real work engagements through hiring organizations on 3 to 6-month engagements.

Media Contact:
March 3, 2020
Celyn Matienzo