CISOSHARE Experiences Rapid Growth Throughout 2018, Named One of OC Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Companies.


CISOSHARE establishes itself as a leader in large-scale security program development.

The Orange County Business Journal recognizes CISOSHARE’s growth and names them one of Orange County’s fastest growing companies of 2018. Since 2004, the CISOSHARE team has worked on some of the most complex and large-scale security program development efforts in leading organizations around the world.

This experience has fueled rapid growth in 2018 because of a trend in many established organizations to take on these larger security program development and retrofitting projects. CISOSHARE has been well-positioned with the right experience and team to fill this need.

“Many organizations are getting board-level directives to retrofit and build real security programs, not the ones of the past which were often no more than the completion of a compliance checklist or assessment,” says Mike Gentile, President and CEO of CISOSHARE. “It’s a much larger and more complex effort to build an effective security program that establishes a repeatable system to manage security and enable informed decisions across the entire business.” He continues, “Organizations are looking to CISOSHARE because of our proven track record with this type of project to help them reach these complex security goals.”

These efforts, in line with continued development of managed security services, has led to significant growth for CISOSHARE over the course of 2018.

The team has developed the sophistication required to deliver these niche services through years of delivering security programs for organizations in highly-regulated industries, recovering from large-scale breaches, and maintaining security during mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, or businesses simply experiencing rapid business growth all over the world.

As CISOSHARE continues to grow, they anticipate continuing to strengthen their team with the addition of well-respected experts in the security field who want to better the information security discipline. “We treat security program development as a science and our efforts improving it as our contribution to helping better the world. We will continue to search for people who share this vision to join our team and change our world for the better,” says Gentile.

Based in Southern California, CISOSHARE is the leading provider of security program development, professional, and managed services for leading organizations around the world. We have served hundreds of organizations from supplying dedicated security leaders on demand to the development of world-class security programs from the ground up. Find out more at

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September 19, 2018
Miad Moussawi