CISOSHARE Reports Growth in 2017 with Cost-Effective Cyber Security Services

Leaders say more clients demand cost-effective security programs and training that keep their organizations focused and on-track for their primary mission.

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Experts in delivering comprehensive cyber and information security programs to leading brands and organizations experiencing rapid growth, CISOSHARE today announced increased revenue of 188 percent year-over-year with significant increases in client contracts attracted to its unique offering of system-based security program development services. This included significant growth in both its professional services business with the addition of well-known and recognizable clients, as well as a doubling of managed security services contracts in 2017.

“Making security efficient and repeatable through a system-based approach has been the hallmark of our research for the last 20 years and is reflected in all of our services,” said Mike Gentile, President and CEO of CISOSHARE. “We are excited to see this approach resonate with clients as we believe it is the best way to combat the current security landscape of never-ending workloads and limited skilled resources to do an ever-increasing amount of work.”

Based in Southern California, but serving organizations globally, the CISOSHARE approach to security program development gives leaders the foundational platform, tools, and knowledge to manage cyber security while establishing policies, protocols and training that inform their business without hindering operations.

“We’ve increased our client base through a simple partnership and service model,” said Ryan Vallone, VP of Sales and Marketing at CISOSHARE. “We listen intently to our clients’ needs and match solutions to their teams in ways that allow them to remain focused on growth and realizing their vision.”

CISOSHARE’s diverse client list includes companies and organizations in state and local government, financial services, health care and other markets—all responsive to the value-based, cost-effective and tailor-made approach CISOSHARE offers.

With a growing workforce of cyber and information security experts, CISOSHARE employees are highly skilled at delivering a flexible model of system-based services packaged in a time-sensitive learning and teaching environment. This approach enables CISOSHARE experts and client partners to operate with big-picture principles and platforms top-of-mind.


CISOSHARE is a private, Southern California-based information security services company that provides organizations with dedicated security leaders who deliver secure solutions and training tailored to clients’ needs. Find more at

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March 1, 2018
Miad Moussawi