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information security professional services


Service is delivered as one-time consulting engagements with specific customized scopes of work.

Common Professional Services Projects:

Below are some common professional services projects performed by CISOSHARE. If you have a specific project in mind let us know, we customize your scopes of work. 

Process & People Gap Analysis

This measurement provides a comparison of your existing security program environment against selected best security best practices. Such client selected security best practices such as ISO27001, NIST, etc.

Security Program Review With Governance Options

Review of key environment variables within the business, on-site interviews with stakeholders, and once information is collected it is then utilized to fuel potential options for a security program governance model.

Security Policy Framework Development

Begins by environment review of security policies, standards & guidelines in a categorical architecture. This information is then measured against existing framework for alignment, gap analysis, or duplicated areas.

Development of Multi-Year Remediation Roadmaps

Environment findings from our review or existing inputs will be aggregated and organized into a roadmap. Roadmap will present both capital and operational cost projections associated with each work element.

Development of Reporting Frameworks and Dashboarding

Design of repeatable process and supporting dashboard tools for demonstrating performance, metrics, trending, and execution of the security program. Dashboard is reviewed regularly to identify trends and control it.

Process Development Initiatives

Processes development in core security program development areas such as: Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Security Program, Project Management, Incident Management, Security Policy Management.

Tactical Incident Management

Response services for specific incidents and the implementation of tactical and foundational security program corrective action plans. Tactical incident management can detect and respond to security incidents quickly.

Security Architecture Specific Initiatives

Identification of Security Zones & Data Map for Organization; Seeks to understand the security architecture and associated security zones within the environment across the environment.

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