Pandemic Cyber Execution and Planning

We've created a model for organizations to understand the current and upcoming demands on cyber security as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses.

Cyber Security Lessons for Organizations and COVID-19

CISOSHARE Founder, President, and CEO Mike Gentile shares some tips that we've learned throughout incidents in cyber security to inspire hope and work securely in the current COVID-19 landscape.

Steps Your Team Can Take Now

Evaluate your current security environment to anticipate surges in your service or gaps in your program that need to be addressed.

Maintain your cyber security staff and eliminate any single-points of failure in both your teams and your processes.

Prepare your team to respond to any potential incidents or suspicious activity, especially as your security architecture expands with remote employees.

Maintain communication channels across your organization — keep your employees informed and make sure they know how to contact your cyber security team.

Additional Resources


Maintain visibility and effectively manage your relationship with your organization’s third-parties.