Security Program as a Service (SPaaS)


CISOSHARE’s managed service model is focused on the development and implementation of comprehensive Information Security Programs. Within months, we build a custom and comprehensive Information Security Program aligned to your organization’s business objectives. We can completely transform your Information Security Program’s posture, drive more business revenue, and add value in a very tangible way. Our services allow you to focus more on your core business while minimizing headcount and providing access to our executive level security leaders and resources to meet each organization’s individual objectives at a fixed fee.


Service begins with a high-level review of the organization’s objectives and the establishment of project management fundamentals.


We help establish a benchmark through a suite of Information Security Policies and Standards as well as program and process documentation tailored to your organization. Capturing the organization’s current objectives, existing network architecture, organizational structure, key information assets, and technologies allows for successful program roadmap planning. 


With a clear understanding of existing security gaps, we can identify areas requiring immediate attention and help prioritize projects to improve an organization’s security posture within weeks. Findings from the initiation and measurement phase are centralized and compared against information security industry best practice frameworks, such as ISO, NIST and/or others. 


Implementation of new and revised policies aligned to the organization’s benchmark and industry best practice frameworks. In this phase security operations take shape, allowing for rapid remediation of security gaps and identification of planning for other, longer-term goals. We virtually embed our team of Information Security experts with your organization and assist in solving security-related issues and enhancing your overall security posture.


Having implemented the new and revised policies and processes allow for security operations to become standardized and relieve the pressure associated with daily operations. Now, your organization understands its information security policies and procedures and your employees refer to them naturally. Projects previously identified and prioritized in the foundation phase begin to further formalize the information security program and enhance its capabilities.


During this phase, with a stronger security posture set up in year one, the information security program will now focus on planning for a future, desired state of operations, and security posture for the organization. An emphasis is placed on implementing more complex information security-related initiatives and ensuring employees are following all new processes and abiding by all new policies. Our team supports the organization by operationalizing the information security program.

"The information security demands on a top five US healthcare provider are complicated, to say the least. Adam and team helped us to develop and implement a multi-year security program roadmap and accompanying program processes to ensure we are well positioned to take on the complexities of the future."

Brian Kreitzer

Chief Information Security Offer, UCLA Health

"After a company spin-off of two multi-billion dollar corporations, CISOSHARE helped me and my team design and build a security program for data center operations for the new entity I was responsible for as VP of Infrastructure/CTO. The work was a large scope that included tactical policy creation with process design as well as security architecture designs. With CISOSHARE we achieve our goal of building a program, aligned operations to the program. We achieved the required certifications as a result of the program."

Cameron Cosgrove

Former First American VP/CTO of Infrastructure
"The business was trying to understand how to implement a unified security program that supported, but did not constrain innovation, a core focus of our technology-centric business. The CISOSHARE team learned the drivers, built rapport with key stakeholders and then designed and presented options for security program development. Working hand in hand with the leadership team the approach was to evaluate each option in the context of the business and aligned with the strategic direction of the company. This approach instilled buy-in and consensus which added momentum when we needed it most."

Paul Farley

Former Cox Communications Director, Security Architecture, Risk, and Compliance
"The pace in a growing publicly traded biotech firm is always fast and the need for alignment to security best practice and HIPAA is just as intense. The CISOSHARE team helped to deploy the initial security program and policies, as well as many significant strategic initiatives that remained in place and appropriate until our future acquisition."

Tony Hayden

Former Clarient IT Leader
“We were trying to understand the best structure for establishing a security program that supported all the highly differentiated businesses within our corporate family. Their roadmap and accompanying work provided a foundation that helped us set priorities for the program in place today.”

Jeff Hecht

The Word & Brown Companies, Chief Compliance & Security Officer


Protects your organization's confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.


Using a role-based approach, delivered by dedicated and qualified security resources operating against a proven and well-defined methodology, you ensure an efficient approach that is in balances business needs. Our clients are provided a security team and necessary security documentation to assist in task implementation.


Your organization continues to grow at a rapid pace. Based on this growth, there may be times when security resources are required on-demand. In the CISOSHARE model, these resources can be provided in a cost-effective, efficient manner and minimize headcount within an organization. 


Using CISOSHARE will ensure key security tasks are always performed by resources with the appropriate skills and amount of time required to complete tasks at hand. This dedication to security will not go unnoticed by customers or business partners and is essential to demonstrate to investors. 


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