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The objective of this suite of tools and documentation is to help move your security program forward. It is organized with a suite of process elements and tools provided in a linear process driven manner to aid in their completion.

Progress Pack Overview

Process Guide 
This suite of tools is designed to aid someone in measuring their existing program, as well as building a plan and reporting for moving it forward. 
Step 2: Centralize Existing Findings Reports in your Environment

Step 5: Generate Initial Security Program Dashboard
September 2014
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These tools can be applied within any size information security program in any industry.

Audience & Scope
This progress pack is designed to aid any person, or their delegates, with simple techniques for improving forward movement within their information security program.
How does this Security Program Progress Pack Support you?
"You can not measure something that you have not defined"
Mike Gentile

Author of CISO Handbook

President, and CEO of CISOSHARE


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Security Program as a Service
Information Security management system from start to finish including Policy, Processes, and People on demand and for a monthly fee.

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We know that with every company we help secure, we are building a safer and better world for us all.

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Designed so they do not require additional funding, management approval, or any of the other items that often can constrain forward progress.

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Anyone can implement these tools that is interested in improving security in their organization

CISOSHARE specializes in Security Program Development and not simply performing an assessment. We focus on measurement to aid in crafting and then implementing the right path forward through our Professional Services and Security Program as a Service.

Step 3:  Complete Security Program Health Assessments

Step 4: Establish Cyber Progress Index Score

Step 1: Security Program Development Research