Build and Improve a Custom Security Program

CISOSHARE’s information security professional services are delivered as one-time consulting engagements with specific and customized scopes of work. We understand that the needs of every organization will be different and we cater our service delivery approach accordingly to meet those needs. Our information security professional service efforts can be designed to support an immediate tactical business need, such as responding to a regulatory request, customer inquiry, incident, or part of longer, more foundational projects.

Security Program

Enable better decision-making.

Review your existing security program for gaps or build one that meets your organizational goals and needs.

Security Architecture

Optimize technology, secure your business.

Understand your network structure and where your data lives so you can take the steps you need to protect it.

Incident Management

Protect your organization against attacks.

Preparing your organization by having the details in place. Make sure you have what you need or a team to help.

Complete Your Security Projects Without Adding to Your Plate

Learn more about how our professional services team can integrate with your organization.


Leverage a team of experts to improve your security program.

Increase Efficiency

Bring in the experts to get started on your security projects right away. Don't spend time trying to find, hire, and onboard resources in-house for short-term security projects.

Do it Right

Our team has experience in building and implementing hundreds of security programs, so we pride ourselves in helping organizations build their programs right the first time.

Foundational Approaches

We tailor our services to the unique needs of every organization. Our team can support an immediate tactical business need, or help with longer, foundational efforts.

Proven Services

Our information security professional services team has delivered security program-related services for some of the leading organizations in the world.