Why is a Business Continuity Plan Important?

Staying Resilient in a Time of Crisis

Availability of data and services is one of the single most important aspects of an organization. Our business continuity services are essential if you are in need of determining gaps and vulnerabilities, developing system and process availability, and deploying recovery efforts. Conduct business as usual, and be prepared for virtually any disruption to your organization's day-to-day activities.

Business Impact Analysis

Measure and understand impacts to your organization in the event of disruption. Anticipate and plan for potential scenarios while minimizing risks.

Core Program Development

Establish governance, communication, program management processes, training requirements, testing, and third-party reliance.

Continuity Plan Development

Formulate a robust strategy with the processes, documentation, and resources for successful execution.

Recovery Plan Development

Deploy a strategy for recovery and continuity that considers your Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective.


Proactively plan to withstand a disruption of operations.

Expertise When You Need It

The CISOSHARE team is ready to support you in developing a Business Continuity Plan that works best for you.

Stay on Top of Compliance

Be prepared to preserve compliance to any regional or country-specific regulations.

Recover Quickly

Have the expertise on-hand to develop effective recovery procedures.

Prepare Your Team

Include a training and awareness approach in your program to keep employees engaged in recovery capabilities.