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Stay on Top of the Evolving Security Landscape

The CISOSHARE team provides customized security program solutions for organizations and businesses in nearly every industry. Whether you're adjusting an existing program to comply with specific regulations or you're building a new program from scratch, our team is ready to build a security program that adapts to your goals.

Check out a few common frameworks our team offers support in.

Building Your Cyber Security Framework?

Our Team Shares What You Need to Know

Certification and Compliance 

Preparing your organization to certify or comply with specific frameworks? Our team is ready to help.

Need to meet specific SOC requirements for readiness?

Prepare your organization for SOC assessments of any type with the right team to support your readiness.

Learn more about our SOC readiness services.


HIPAA compliance is key for healthcare providers or businesses that partner with healthcare companies. Effectively protect the ePHI you transmit or receive.

Learn more about our HIPAA compliance services.

Our HITRUST certification services are a requirement for healthcare-related organizations that generate, transmit, or handle protected data.

Learn more about our HITRUST certification services. 

If your company handles client and company financial information, ensure the security of their data with PCI DSS compliance.


Learn more about our PCI Compliance services. 

Data Privacy Regulations

Prepare your organization with a team of privacy experts. 

If your organization does business in Europe or handles specific sets of sensitive data, make sure your overall security program is GDPR compliant.

Learn more about our GDPR-Compliant Data Privacy Program.

California’s Consumer Privacy Act will go into effect starting in 2020. Make sure your organization’s security is prepared for the coming changes early.

Learn more about our CCPA Readiness services.

Security Best Practices

Build a security program that adheres to best practices so you have an effective and repeatable program that adapts to your needs.

Whether your organization does business in Europe or wants to meet another customer request, we'll guide you through the entire certification process. Learn more about our ISO 27001 certification services.
Build the right foundation for your security program with standards and best practices that are necessary, no matter the industry or organization. Learn more about our NIST 800-53 best practice services.

Build the Right Security Program

Work with a team of security experts with over 20 years of practical security program experience. We'll build a security program that complies with specific requirements and adapts to your unique needs.

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