Be HIPAA Compliant with Confidence

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, provides a set of information security requirements for organizations that fall under the category of a covered entity. These are organizations that handle, transmit, or receive electronic protected health information (ePHI).

HIPAA regulations not only apply to clinics and healthcare providers, but any healthcare-related organizations such as medical device companies, or organizations that handle data that falls under the definition of PHI.

Build a HIPAA-Compliant Security Program with the Right Team

Gap and Risk Assessment

Measure your current security environment against HIPAA requirements to identify areas that need to be addressed for compliance.


Utilize a HIPAA compliance program to build and integrate the right policies and processes with your whole program in mind.

Management and Support

Our security team has extensive experience in managing and supporting the maintenance of compliant security programs.

Training and Awareness

We establish training and awareness to keep your employees up-to-date on healthcare-related information security threats.

Our Team of Experts Makes HIPAA Compliance Easy

Find out more about how we can help your organization reach HIPAA compliance and meet the other security demands on organizations in healthcare.

UCLA Health logo for cybersecurity customer testimonial

"The information security demands on a top five US healthcare provider are complicated, to say the least. Adam and team helped us to develop and implement a multi-year security program roadmap and accompanying program processes to ensure we are well positioned to take on the complexities of the future."

Brian Kreitzer

Chief Information Security Officer

UCLA Health


Build a HIPAA-Compliant Security Program with the Right Team.

Establish Trust

Gain a competitive advantage with your prospective clients and current business partners with a strong HIPAA-compliant security program.

Go Beyond Compliance

Don’t just meet the regulatory requirements for the sake of compliance; build a repeatable security program that can adapt.

Effectively Protect PHI

Build your security program with innovative and efficient processes to keep critical business and patient data safe from potential attack.

Customized Program Support

Customized HIPAA compliant security program scope based on findings and overall organizational requirements.