Improve Cyber Security Posture with Expert Advisory Services

CISOSHARE's security advisory and consulting services have been supporting security leaders from top Fortune 500 companies to up–and–coming organizations. You will be provided with the insight you need to design your security program and align with business objectives quickly and efficiently.

Merger and Acquisition Assessment

Plan out how to integrate two environments, different sets of technology and processes, as well as resources and skill sets. Establish a plan and a budget for maintaining and migrating critical systems while integrating and securing both environments.

Network and Application Assessment

Assess a company’s entire network to minimize the amount of risk you’re bringing to your own environment and the ability to meet client and industry requirements. Review any applications and products to measure the security, privacy, and overall alignment to best practices and regulatory requirements.

Leadership and Governance

Work with an experienced cyber security leader to establish a program roadmap, set priorities and manage security program execution. Implement an effective communication system and artifacts to support the tracking and measurement of processes.


Expert Advisory and Consulting for Every Business Goal

Improve Security Maturity

Assess your environment to identify areas for improvement, efficiency, and meet compliance and regulatory requirements with better visibility into your program.

Integrate Business and Security Strategy

Align your security program and projects with new and current business goals to enable organizational growth and development.

Support with Leadership and Expertise

As your organization continues to grow, our security resources are available on-demand to provide additional support in a cost-effective manner without having to bring on additional resources.

Earn Customer Trust

Perform your security processes correctly and in a timely manner. This dedication to security will help you create a durable reputation with your customers, business partners, and potential investors.